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Adorable New swimwear at Walmart!

I totally have all the spring break feels!! I'm ready for a day at the beach...or a cruise! haha! I really wanted to go to the beach this weekend but I decided to try and get a bunch of things on my to-do list done! I might try and do something more fun this weekend, like go to Disney or the beach! :) We will see!

But ya'll got check out these ADORABLE new bathing suits!!

I linked plus sizes too! :)

QUICK SHOP bathing suits below ↓


This one might be my favorite!!! :D SO CUTE!! I love the western belt! It's juniors size so I'd suggest sizing up!

SHOP belted bathing suits below ↓


I'm loving these ruffle bathing suits!!! I think the green one is my fave!

SHOP ruffle bathing suits below ↓


I LOVE this print!! It would totally be my favorite one if the top came up a little higher.



Loving all the animal Print!

SHOP animal print bathing suits below ↓


I think these smocked suits are sooo adorable!! I ordered the black one piece with the pom poms!

SHOP smocked bathing suits below ↓


I always love florals and Walmart has some pretty patterns this year!

SHOP Floral bathing suits below ↓


Color block bathing suits! I love the black and white one below!

SHOP color block bathing suits below ↓





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