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☀DIY boho straw bag

I've been wanting to get back to my DIY roots & I thought this fun summer bag would be the perfect start! It's stylish, affordable & super simple to make! You'll look adorable & original strutting around with it on vacay this summer!

I've seen this adorable straw belt bag being toted around by a few influencers and fell in LOVE with it but it's $88!!! I scoured the internet for DAYS trying to find a similar one at a better price point, but couldn't find anything! So, I decided to try & make my own!! But then I totally caved and purchased the original when it finally came back in stock! 🙈 haha!! It's totally adorable, but it barely holds anything! It looks like it should've cost $10. :(

After all of that, I finally made this DIY version & now I want to return the original one! haha!

It's sooo easy to diy & makes such a cute statement piece!!



∙straw bag (I used this one)

∙seashells (I used these)

∙glue sticks

∙glue gun


1.) I started by picking out 12 seashells and laying them out on to the flap of my bag until I liked how they looked.. I tried to group similar sized seashells together for each grouping. I did 4 groupings of 3 shells.

2.) I filled the back of a seashell with hot glue and then firmly pressed it onto the bag while it cooled. I did that for all 12 shells!! And that's it!!

*I also tied a knot in the strap to shorten it up a bit but feel free to wear yours longer if you prefer!

SUPER simple & totally not worth $88 for the original! haha!

I made a little DIY video too! :)

If you recreate this bag I would LOVE to see it!! Pease dm me a pic or tag me!! :D




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