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Walmart Spring 2021 Sneak Peek!

There are SOO many must-have new pieces coming for Spring 2021 and I'm soo excited for them!! I'm definitely not even close to being in the Spring fashion mindset but I wanted to share these new items with ya'll!! Some of them are already available to order!! I've already ordered several of all of them. haha!! I also shared the links to everything below. Just click on the pictures to shop. <3

New Time and Tru Spring 2021 shoes:


New Time and Tru 2021 Spring Swim:


New 2021 Fashion:


What do you think of all the items?! What are your top faves? I'm loving the chain mules, the stud wedges, the leopard print one piece, the pink striped top, the leopard print pullover! :D




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