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✨Free Weekly Planner Printable!


I'm soooo excited to be sharing these weekly planner pages with yall!! I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for free printables!!! Especially planning ones! :D I really wanted to create something for you that would help you stay organized, focused, and healthy! I came up with 4 different designs to hopefully have something for everyone!

The weekly planner page has a space to write out your to-do list, top 3 priorities, a week layout to write down specifics for each day, and healthy habit trackers! I have a planner similar to this one that I found on Amazon. It's been my most used planner pad but I wanted to create one that was more of what I try to focus on each week. Plus I need more spaces to write on my to-do list each week! haha

How to use the habit tracker:

The idea behind the habit tracker is that it will help you create positive healthy habits. Making small changes is the best way to make lasting changes! Seriously!! Below I've listed out the daily recommendations for fruits, veggies, and water but I want you to start small if the recommendations feel overwhelming. If you don't eat any fruits or veggies currently, then start with one! If you eat/do more than you used to then you can fill in a bubble for that day on all of the habit trackers! If you already eat fruits and veggies, I want to challenge you to eat more and to change it up!! Variety is key so that you are getting a multitude of vitamins and minerals.

As a side note, I used to be ashamed of small victories, but I've since learned that small victories lead to big ones. Be proud of yourself for any amount of improvement. Beating yourself up will only make you backtrack. Since I've started focusing on being more positive I've noticed it's been easier to stay on track. And when I do get off track rather than beating myself up for not being perfect I just begin again! Start over as many times as you need to. THAT'S how you create change! Change is NEVER about perfection. It's about getting back up and continuing the race because you will never be perfect. Once you can ignore the inner critic and keep going, you will succeed!

To sum all of that up, make an attainable goal for yourself for each item on the habit tracker. Each day that you reach that goal- or at least do more than you normally would, CELEBRATE that and fill in the bubble! Don't beat yourself up for making small changes, they add up and they can boost your confidence and encourage you to make bigger changes if you let them. ♡


2 cups of fruit each day is the daily recommendation! I've linked a helpful resource for fruits here if you'd like some more info. It's simple and easy to use! It tells you portion sizes too.

*My tip: I like to get a good portion of my fruits in by making a smoothie in the morning!


2 1/2 -3 cups is the recommended daily intake of veggies! Frozen, raw, canned and cooked veggies all count! Just go for low/no sodium added of you buy canned. Frozen veggies are my favorite! They are picked at their peak and frozen. Check out this simple and easy to read resource on veggies here. It's just like the one I shared above but all about veggies.

*My tip: I do my best to have a veggie with every meal. I even add spinach to my smoothie in the morning. You should try it! I promise you can't taste it!


The latest from the Mayo Clinic recommends women drink 11.5 cups of water a day. If you are like me and always drinking out of a water bottle, that's 92 ounces. That's equivalent to refilling my 26 oz Tal water bottle 3.5 times! Other drinks count for hydrating your body as well. Just make sure to limit sugary drinks and make a goal to drink more water than any other drink throughout the day.

* My tip: I carry a water bottle with me at all times. These are my favorite water bottles.


Make a point to move every day! And by moving I mean, walking, running, exercising, dancing, taking the stairs, parking at the back of the parking lot next time you go shopping, etc!! Just move more! What has helped me to start exercising more is thinking about it in terms of time. I know that I can walk Gunner for 1 mile in about 15 minutes. Thinking about how little time that is in comparison to my whole day helps me get up and get moving!


Focusing on being grateful really helps me feel less anxious and worried. It especially helps when my inner critic is trying to make me feel unworthy and less than. I found a gratitude journal at TJMaxx not too long ago and I try to write in it every day. It's helped me be able to clear out the negative thoughts, focus, and feel more inspired and motivated. I truly believe being in a state of gratitude can do wonders for your mental health. The bible even talks about it in 1 Thess. 5: 16-18 "Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

*Download the Free printable planners below:

*Download the Boho weekly planner pdf below!

boho wk.planner
Download PDF • 88KB

*Download the Pink weekly planner below!

pink.wk planner
Download PDF • 96KB

*Download the Blue weekly planner below. It looks identical to the pink weekly planner just blue!

blue wk.planner
Download PDF • 96KB

*Download the Minimal weekly planner below. It looks like the boho planner except it's beige & there's no cactus.

minimal wk.planner
Download PDF • 80KB

I hope this helps you!!! If you have any questions or wanna chat about things you are struggling with, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can also email me at I'm here to help! ♡




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