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Disney Movie Night: Encanto

I've been meaning to bring back the Disney Movie Night series I started a couple of years ago!! It was so much fun and I'm so glad y'all enjoyed it as well. One of my best friends and I share a love for Disney. She's my go-to partner for all my Disney adventures. We always try to watch the new movies together and when Encanto was available on Disney+ we knew we wanted to do a movie night! So, we started researching a Colombian meal we could make & then eat while we watched it! Added BONUS- it was cool to see the recipes we chose in the movie!! We had no idea they would be! :D It made it even more fun to eat some of the same foods they eat in the movie.

I made a cute little video to go along with this movie night that will be up on my IG page this weekend!

Colombian drinks:

Colombiana soda:

SO YUMMY!!! It's kinda like cream soda with a hint of bubblegum! It's amazing! I'm definitely going to continue to buy this! It's THAT good! We found 2-liter bottles at Walmart linked here and Publix had the cans, pictured above, linked here.

Postobon soda: (the pink drink in our glasses)

It's an apple-flavored soda and it's really yummy!!! We found it at Walmart.


Ajiaco Colombiano- Colombian Chicken & Potato Soup:

For the soup, we cheated to save time and just ordered the Tortilla Soup from Chuy's Tex-Mex! It's not identical, but it seems pretty close, minus the potatoes! I linked Chuy's menu and a couple of Ajiaco recipes below if you want to make the soup or order the soup as we did. :)

Colombian Arepas:

I got a lot of messages on IG from people saying that arepas aren't a Colombian thing, but that they are Venezuelan! I don't know where arepas originated, but they are, in fact, a Colombian thing! We got the recipe we used from a Colombian food blog. Also, a lot of my followers that are from Colombia confirmed that they are a "Colombian thing", AND they are in the movie Encanto!! :D I linked the recipe we used below! They are easy, fun to make, really yummy, and perfect with our soup!

Arroz Con Leche Colombiano- Rice Pudding: (not pictured)

We also made rice pudding because my friend LOVES it and I had never tried it before. To be honest, it wasn't my fave but my friend liked it! I really wanted to come up with a dessert to call "the not so special special" LOL to go along with the movie but, I ran out of time!

And that's it!! It was a pretty simple movie night but SOO FUN!! I just love doing these! They add more of a cultural layer to the movies and it's so fun to experience something different while you watch it on screen! If you recreate this movie night, please tag me!! It brings me so much joy to see that y'all love these movie nights as much as I do. :)




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