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January best sellers

Happy February!!! I hope January was good to you! It went slow & fast for me all at the same time! 😅 Looking back, it seems like a million things went on. Archer hit so many milestones, my mom moved in, my mother in law moved out, and we've been hardcore cleaning and decluttering our house! You name it, we've been doing it!! Or that's how it feels anyway! Haha I'm excited for February though! I love Valentine's Day and all the cute decor & things out in stores! I feel like I do most of my decor shopping this time each year! Haha! Enough jabbing, let's talk about at month's best sellers!

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Did we need another coffee maker?! No! But I'm really glad we got it! Haha! It's like a keurig without the pods, that grinds the coffee fresh for each brew!! It's the coolest thing! I know there's a lot of bad reviews out there but I genuinely disagree with them. A lot of the reviews I saw, say that the coffee is weak. I have to disagree completely! Actually, my only complaint is that the coffee is too strong when you use the grinding feature. (Obviously everyone has coffee their own coffee preferences) But imo, it makes normal tasting/bold flavored coffee, not watered down at all. You can also turn the grinder off and add in your own ground coffee for the perfect brew strength. I think this machine is awesome & Drew didn't pay me a dime to say that!

I'm so glad Walmart brought these back!! You know they must be good if Walmart brought an item back! They don't tend to bring things back like that! I'm wearing a M, but they stretch out a good bit after you wear them. I wish I had bought a small tbh. I would say that they fit tts. They also come in green!

How adorable is this new heart cast iron skillet?! I'm so obsessed with it!! I made a heart shaped cookie skillet in it this past week! Everything is better heart shaped in my opinion! Really nice quality skillet! I love that it's coated in enamel!

So excited that this dress from my collection was in the best sellers this month! I can't believe it's been so long since the launch & that several things are sold out/on clearance!

Must have Walmart tunic!! I love this new terry cloth tunic. It's perfect. I love the unique placement of the pockets! It comes in several colors. I sized up for more length! I'm wearing a medium here but it fits true to size!

This has to be the cutest Mickey tee! 🫶🏻 I can't wait to wear it to the parks! I'm wearing M!

Walmart's new baby clothes are even better than last year!! These adorable baby girl pjs make me wana have a little girl asap!!

This is one of the best Walmart athletic pullovers you'll own! It reminds me of another expensive brand. The quality is so nice and I love the extra details that make it look and feel more luxe! If you can believe it, I'm actually wearing a large here! Lol! I wanted a more oversized fit. To me, it runs a little small, and I would suggest sizing up at least one size.

I just love this dress & this new teal color from the time & tru spring collection!! I have this dress, just haven't had a chance to try it on yet! It's adorable and comes in several colors!

I ordered these & just got them in today! I ordered my usual size, an 8.5, but I haven't tried them on just yet! I'll try them on this week! Check my story on instagram for a review!

Thank you so much for being here & supporting my page!! I hope you have a great week!




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