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March best sellers

Happy April!!! Where is the year going?! haha! I hope 2024 has been good to you so far. 🩷 I can't believe that Archer is going to me 9 months in a couple days!! It seems to be flying by now. We are also in the process of starting our next round of IVF! (I'm planning to share everything on IG like I did last time.) Several of my friends have said that after the 2nd baby it all goes by even faster. 😅 Lots going on over here, per usual! I'm trying to knock out a little bucket list before we do the frozen embryo transfer & I'm hopefully pregnant! ☺️🙏🏻 Anyways!! let's dive into the best sellers from March! There's so many good ones!! Walmart has been coming through!! I mean just look at these!! 😍

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This bag went viral!!! It's a large, insulated cooler bag, canvas material on the outer part & a large pocket on front (that can fit diapers & wipes! I checked!) There's so many uses! Lots of moms are using it as a diaper bag, lunch pail, and beach bag! I used it as a tote bag when we went on our cruise last month. It holds so much!

The prettiest, most affordable Stanley dupe finally exists!! Haha!! 😍🩷✨ it's the prettiest shimmering pink and it makes me so happy! I'm convinced that an extra pretty cup will make you drink more water... or maybe it's just a lie that I tell myself! Haha!! Either way, loveeee this new cup! It's better than the others because when you take the straw out, it doesn't leak!!

THIS ROMPER!! 😍👌🏻👏🏻 sooo good!! It's one of my top fave Amazon fashion finds.. ever! It has pockets, flowy shorts & I love the longer inseam! Rompers tend to be sooo short on me! These are more modest and super comfy! It dresses up really easily too! I ended up keeping all 3 colors that I bought! (Beige, black and light blue) I shared all 3 of them in a reel on IG and on my LTK shop. It fits true to size! I'm wearing a small!

These new workout tanks from walmart so nice! They are such high quality! The fabric is super soft & comfy. I sized up to a medium. I wanted it a little more flowy and some added length.

The cutest beach tote, perfect for all the girly girls out there! This thing is huge!! It will fit everything!! It has a pocket on the inside and it has a magnetic snap closure. You would pay so much more for this from another store!!

These new ribbed leggings from walmart are impressive! They are comfy, stretchy and feel really high quality! They have stepped up their game with these for sure. I'm wearing a small here.

another Stanley dupe for the win!! I snagged this tumbler in one of the other colors and I've been loving it! It's a nice change from the straw tumblers because you don't have to worry about it leaking! This one is 30oz and I've been toting it around all week!

I bought these shorts a couple years ago and didn't love them until this year. I sized up! Haha and now they are so much cuter to me! I'm usually a 2 in time & tru shorts. I'm wearing a 4 here. If the size 2 in time & tru shorts are a little big on you then I wouldn't size up! These just look cuter if they are a little baggy, imo! They give that expensive Levi's look without the price tag!

These are the same as the black ones, but this new color is so pretty!! I'm not sure what this color is, but it's like a dark sage or something! So pretty and flattering! I'm wearing a small!

CUTE walmart overalls for the win!! Overalls usually fit kinda weird on me! I think it's the long torso & long legs combo. I always have to size up or I have to pull the straps down super low that basically my top half is hanging out of the top! Haha! These fit perfect!!! I was so surprised because I didn't even have to size up! I'm wearing a small! 😁👏🏻

Thank you so much for being here & supporting my page!! It really means a lot to me! I hope you have a great week!




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