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What's on my baby registry

I'm tearing up typing this blog post because it still feels so surreal that I'm pregnant! 14 years of praying, holding on to hope, and here we are. I had mentally prepped myself, knowing we'd have to do several rounds of IVF before one would stick - as the statistics say. That may come in the future, but for now, I'm really just focusing on being in the moment and enjoying all the things. I still have moments where I catch myself thinking.. wait..this is happening, I'm pregnant, and it's all going well! Praise God! I always start crying and then start praying, thanking God. I also want to thank all of you that have been praying for us! It means more than you know.

One of the things yall asked for the most was for me to share what's on my registry. I'm obviously not a pro, but I asked so many of my mom friends for advice! I'll be honest, it felt so daunting when I first started making my registry. It feels overwhelming! There are 100 options for each item! How do I know I'm picking the right one for me & my baby?! I was also worried about asking for too many items or asking for too few items! What if I ask for the wrong thing and end up hating it? What if the things on there are too expensive and people think I'm crazy? haha I was doing ALL THE OVERTHINKING. LOL I read blog posts, talked to several of my mom friends, asked you guys, worked on it for months, and I finally feel good about everything on my registry!

There were times when recommendations differed. One friend would say, YES, you definitely need a baby bathtub, a diaper genie or a changing table, and another would say that I didn't. I don't know how many times I added and deleted the baby bathtub, diaper genie, changing table/pad from my registry! haha. I came to a point where I decided to just trust myself & go with what seemed to make the most sense for my hubby and me. In the end, I think that's one of the best pieces of advice I was given. Not to mention, if I decide I do need something, I can always order it later.

Here's some pieces of advice that helped me the most when trying to decide between items.

One friend said, "Whatever you get for your baby will work just fine; if it doesn't, you'll just get something else. A lot of being a mom is just finding what works for you! It's just part of the journey!" Another mom friend said, "You probably WILL add too many things to your first registry. We all did! lol! It's a right of passage!" Another friend, "If something doesn't end up working out, you can return it, or there's always another mom out there that can use it." :) Hearing these really helped take the stress off of overthinking trying to find the "perfect" items.

One more thing I wanna share before I dive into all the baby registry items, I wanted to note that we aren't doing a big nursery for him. All of our extra bedrooms are upstairs, and it just doesn't make sense to go all out on a nursery when he won't even be in there. We are planning to keep him in our room and have a small setup in there for probably the first year at least. We did get rid of the extra bed in my cloffice and put a crib and a dresser in there. I think it will work perfectly because I can set him in the crib while I work. :)

* I made my registry using BabyList. I like that it shows the items from different stores so people can shop around for the best price or if an item is out of stock.

Click each collage below to shop all of the items, or click the pink underlined item names to shop them individually. ** Links are commissionable**

Dumbell toy: if you know my husband, you know exactly why I had to put this on my registry! haha

Binkies: I just added these because they have good reviews & I like the colors. :)

Binkie holders: I went with these because I like how they look! :)

Baby carrier: A lot of people recommended this one specifically- including people I know personally. One of my friends said that this is the best one they've owned and that it's lasted through all of her children!

Baby lounger: This is the more affordable version of the trendy & expensive "dock-a-tot". I have a few friends that have one these & they said they are really handy when you just need a place to set your baby. To me, it does seem like something extra and not really a necessity, but I thought it might be something useful, so I'm going to give it a try.

Play mat: I decided on this one because it was affordable & aesthetically pleasing! haha Plus, since it's gender neutral, I plan to use it with all our babies. :)

Car seat: There are so many to choose from, but we ultimately went with this one because several of yall recommended it, and so did a friend. We also went to the store and looked at it. My hubby agreed that it seems sturdier and better quality than the other ones on display. Plus it will go directly into the stroller I'm wanting (with an extra attachment).

Swing: This one is a splurge item for me! I asked friends about swings, and several people said that some of their kids liked swings, some didn't, and some only liked being swung a certain way and hated being swung the other way! haha. This swing DOES IT ALL!! It will go up, down, side to side, sway back and forth, and even do a combo of them! I figure it will work for all my kids, whatever their swinging/non-swinging preferences will be!

Stroller: Another one with a million options to choose from. 🙈 A few of my friends have this one, and several of yall recommended it when I asked! This one is basically a dupe for the $1,000 stroller everyone raves about. I love that it has a lot of features that seem like it will just make life easier for me. You can buy add ons so that it can hold up to 3 kids at a time. I figure it's a smarter buy in the long run since it will grow with our family. A piece of advice I was given about strollers is to get one with rubber tires that will go easily over rocks and rough ground without getting torn up. Apparently, this one has the best of both worlds, tires that perform like rubber but that you don't have to worry about airing up!

Pack n play: I did not have one of these on my registry at first, but several friends said it's a must!! It's apparently really useful when traveling for them to play and sleep in. I went with one that goes better with my decor! :) I also had a good friend tell me that you want a mini crib fitted sheet to go with it. ( I linked the one I got, click the collage above to see it)

**My hubby really wants a jogging stroller. We just haven't decicded on one yet and I feel bad adding anoter thing to my registry! When I asked on instagram, a lot of people and even a close friend recommended the BOB jogging stroller (crazy expensive though). We plan on looking for a nice one at a garage sale or FB marketplace.

Pajamas: Several of yall said these specific ones are really good!! They are apparently really soft and a dupe for the expensive bamboo pajamas people pay $40 for. Several of yall also pointed out that getting the pajamas with zippers at the top and bottom makes life so much easier when changing diapers!

Sleep sack swaddle: Apparently some babies love these, and some hate them. I figured I would just add it to my registry and see if our little guy likes it. :)

Bassinet sheets: I went with these because I love the neutral color, they had good reviews & I really wanted muslin sheets. I was also given the advice to get 2 sheets! One that's being washed and one on the mattress.

Waterproof bassinet pad: Just makes sense to have one of these! haha

Bassinet: I went with this one because we will be keeping him in our room for a while. I like that it's is adjustable, swivels, can fit right next to our bed, and has good reviews.

Blanket: I went with this one because I really want a lightweight muslin blanket for him, and this is pretty much the exact color I'm loving.

Baby monitor: I did some research on these & this one has a ton of good reviews. I decided not to go with a camera one because he will be so close to us and because they are so expensive. Not to mention the fact that these work just fine. Moms have been using the audio only ones for years & I just really feel like the camera ones are unnecessary, but that's just me! :) PLUS, I've seen WAY to many creepy videos & movies with things seen on baby cameras. NOPE. ( I know it's fake but still) haha!

Crib mattress: We decided on this one because it has good reviews, is affordable, safety certified & breathable!

Crib: I wanted something that would grow with our baby, is aesthetically pleasing, has good reviews, and is affordable! This one is the perfect fit for me! It's a 6 in 1 crib that can turn into a full-size bed. I love the look of it, and it comes in several colors.

Rocking chair: I asked yall & several friends for rocking chair recommendations. A lot of people just recommended a more classic-style wooden rocker, but we decided to go with this one since my hubby needs more back support. I also want something a little smaller, that will fit better in our room, and that will recline and rock. Several people recommended this brand! I hope we love it!

** Crib mattress protector and crib sheets are linked on my LTK (click the collage above). I was given the advice to have 2 sets of crib sheets so that I have an extra one while the other is being washed. :)

Hooded bath towels: Once again, I went with these simply because I liked the colors, and muslin fabric, plus they have good reviews! There's a few other towels on my registry as well.

Bath water temp ducky: I decided to go with this rather than a "fancy one" because it has good reviews and was $3! I figure I don't need to spend $20 on an item that does the exact same thing for a lot cheaper.

Elephant sprayer: I think this is so cute! Plus, it looks like it will be really handy. A lot better than just using a cup to pour water on him! haha

Brush set: Again, I just liked the look of these, plus they have good reviews and aren't too expensive.

Nail clippers: A friend of mine said the fancy nail trimmer set is nice, but sometimes you just need a pair of normal baby nail clippers.

Nail trimmer set: I have heard a lot of really good reviews about this set. A friend of mine has one and loves it.

Nasal aspirator: I'm going to be honest, this thing freaks me out, but a good friend said it really is a must. I had originally planned on getting the more expensive electric version, but the price was really annoying me! haha Then I decided on the old fashion bulb version, but a really good friend told me just to get this one. She said it works great, and it's not as gross as it seems. I hope she's right because my hubby and I are both grossed out just thinking about using this. haha

Washcloths: I went with these because they have good reviews and I wanted neutral colors!

Breathe easy kit: I thought it would be nice to have some "sick day" stuff on hand.

3 in 1 picker: This seems so handy to me!! Rather than trying to use my picky finger to dig stuff out, I think this thing will be a lot easier and more efficient.

Bathtub: This is probably the most controversial item on my registry, next to the wipe warmer! haha, by that, I mean advice was basically split 50/50 on if this was needed or not. I took it off my registry so many times! haha. I finally added it back on when one of my close friends (who also has 4 kids) said that she loved the kind that "grows" with the baby because she would use it in the shower with her when they were old enough to sit in it and play.

Wipe holder: I went back and forth so many times on if I should get one that warms up the wipes. Half the people were telling me a warmer is a must-have & the other half was saying it wasn't worth it. I made the decision not to get one that warms because one friend pointed out that the light stays on the whole time which is actually annoying. Another friend pointed out that I won't have warm wipes when I'm out and about. She also said that anytime she felt like she needed to warm up the wipe she would just do it in her hands.

Diaper balm: Apparently, this is a good one!

Travel changing pad: I plan to keep this in my diaper bag for when I need to change him out in public. I just like the way it looks.

Diaper caddies: Several friends said that they kept one in each of the main rooms they spent their time in just to make it easier to change diapers. I plan to keep one upstairs in my office & one probably in the living room. I went with these specific ones because they match my decor. :)

Diapers & wipes: Several friends recommended these brands, so I put them on my registry. I figure it will be nice to try a couple of brands out and figure out which ones work best for my little guy! As for amounts, my mom friends said they are typically in size 2 the most. I have 2 boxes of size 1, 3 boxes of size 2, and 2 boxes of size 3 on my registry. I have a couple big boxes of wipes on there as well. I was also told that you can return unopened boxes of diapers and exhange them for the a different size!

** I don't have a changing pad or changing table on my registry. It was another item that a lot of my friends said wasn't really necessary. A lot of them said that you end up changing your baby wherever. On the floor, on the bed, on the couch, and that a changing table and pad really aren't necessary- unless you just prefer to have one. I guess we will find out! haha

** I also don't have a "diaper genie" type thing on my registry because they just seem like a waste to me. Not to mention, the annoying bags you have to buy and another trash can to empty. Most of my friends said they had one and either didn't use it or hated it. To me, it won't be hard to just take a stinky diaper out to the big trash can or walk a few steps to my kitchen or bathroom to throw one away.

I fully intend to breastfeed & I plan to work with someone if I end up having issues because being able to breastfeed is really important to me. I recognize that I can't control everything, but I plan to make a great effort to make it work! :) I say all of that because it's what guided this part of my registry.

Manual breast pump: I originally just had the Haaka on my registry, but a friend pointed out that it only catches the letdown- it's not an actual pump. She recommended adding this manual one as well, so I did.

Glass baby bottles: As I said, I'm planning to breastfeed, but I figure it's probably a good idea to have some bottles on hand just in case.

Night light: I've heard great things about this night light. I plan to keep it on my nightstand for feeding & changing in the middle of the night. Apparently, it's the perfect lighting. It's supposed to be dim enough so that it won't wake your partner but enough light so that you can still see. I originally didn't have this on my list, but when it was pointed out that using your phone flashlight is really annoying when you are also trying to pick up and feed your baby... I realized this was a need! It's better to just have a little light that's hands free. haha

Breast milk storage bags: I originally had another brand on here, the Lansinoh ones, but 2 different friends said that these were the ones they used because the other Lansinoh ones kept having holes in the bags.

Bottle cleaner: figured I'll probably need one! I just liked that this one stands on its own if I need it to and that it's a neutral color.

Nursing pads: everyone said these are a must. I went with this brand because one of my closest friends who recently had a baby said they work great.

Burp cloths: Apparently you can never have enough of these because you will use them for everything! haha I went with these muslin ones because I'm really obsessed with muslin cotton and I liked the colors of these best. I also added another pack of plain white ones.

Haaka breast pump: I know hardly anything about breastfeeding, but apparently, this catches the letdown that happens when you are breastfeeding on the other side rather than it going to waste! My understanding is that it isn't an actual breast pump like the one I talked about before. This one just lets you keep what would otherwise be wasted.

** I'm not able to link my high chair on LTK, which is why it's not in the collage. So you won't see it linked there. When I asked for recommendations, an overwhelming amount of people recommended the Ikea $30 one and said that you can buy items to customize it, so that's what I did! I just wanted something functional, affordable, and aesthetic! haha So this was right up my alley. I added the Ikea ANTILOP highchair and the cushion to my registry and then ordered a cushion cover, placemat, leg wraps, and a footrest from Yeah Baby Goods

I picked most of these items because I just thought they were cute. :) Some advice I was given is to buy socks in one color to make laundry easier. *genius* haha I was also told that babies aren't typically in newborn-sized clothing for long, so I have mostly 0-3 months & some 3-6 months on my registry.


I'm sure some of my thoughts on these items will change after I have actual experience with them. haha! But I really tried to do my research and I feel good about all of these items! Can't wait to start using them all and get everything organized! :) I hope this was helpful for you if you are feeling lost with all the baby things!! If you have any questions about anything, you can totally reach out to me!





Thank you! This was so helpful to refer to as I'm putting together my own baby registry 😘

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