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Friday Favorites

Here's a roundup of my favorite things right now!


These are little girls shoes! I bought a size 6 in kids and I normally wear an 8 1/2 in women. I would

suggest getting the bigger size if you aren't sure. With mules it's okay if they are a little big, but it's

definitely NOT okay if they are too small. We can't have your heels hanging

off the edge of the shoes!

I wear these all the time! They are so cute and comfy!

Check them out


I wear this sweater almost everyday!! I LOVE it! I want it in more colors but I'm afraid if I

had more than one I would literally wear the same thing everyday.

LOL! It's seriously SOO comfy! I got it in a large!

I've been sporting it at the gym pretty much every morning!

Check it out here!

One of my best friends got me this laptop sleeve for Christmas and I LOVE it! It's

such nice quality and sooo affordable! It's truly stunning!

I love it so much! It literally makes me happy every time I use it!

Check it out here!


This diffuser!! I really love it. It has super high ratings and it's under $30!! That's a steal people! If you are shopping around

for one, get this one! I promise you'll love it!

I use it every night and it lasts the entire night! I love how it instantly fills my room

with my fave bedtime essential oils.

See it here!


It's sooo good!!!! 😍My hubby is out of town and I have been cuddling with my puppos watching

2 episodes every evening! It's such a sweet and crazy story! If you like love stories you will love this one!

I love that it's not super sappy and predictable! The first 3 seasons are included with Amazon Prime

but you have to get the PBS add on to watch the 4th season.

Totally worth it in my opinion!

I hope you love it as much as I do! Watch it here!


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