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Current Amazon Faves

Here is a round up of my favorite amazon buys!! All of these are things I'm using and LOVING!!!

I'm obsessed with these leggings!!! I'm wearing them "Bella Blue" in a size medium! I have big calves so I normally have to wear a medium in leggings. They are such a good price- $20. They have over 5k reviews on Amazon and they are a best seller! The tag shows the MSRP is $70!! I love the pockets and how soft they are. I'm also obsessing over this color right now. I will definitely buy more of these.

I recently bought this self tanner after reading several reviews and It's the best one I've used! It gives a natural looking tan and doesn't 't leave any streaks. I also love that it doesn't have that weird self tanner smell. It doesn't stain your sheets or clothes either. You don't need to use a lot to get good color - especially if you are pasty like I am! Ha!

I also use this self tanning mitt and It really makes ALL the difference when it comes to even coverage! It keeps your hands from getting stained and it also helps with streaking.

Speaking of my sheets -I bought these bed sheets about a month ago and I am SUPER happy with them!! I really wanted to test them out before I recommended them. I did a ton of research and these have almost 34,000 reviews!!! They are super soft and are less the $25 for King sized sheets. You can't find a good quality for that price anywhere. I also love that they are deep enough for my mattress. I bought some at Walmart awhile back and they wouldn't fit my mattress because they weren't deep enough. :/

I need sheets for one of our beds upstairs and I'm going to get this brand again. There are like 30+ colors to choose from! :D

This hat!!! It's sooo cute. Everyone is wearing these and it's such a cute trend! This one is super high quality. It's such a good price and has a TON of good reviews! I bought it in "Brown". It's super cute on! You'll be seeing me sport it on Insta soon! It's a Spring and Summer must have!

EVERYONE NEEDS this vacuum in their life!!!!! For the LONGEST time I've been frustrated that my vacuum didn't pick up all the dog hair on my hardwood floors...even on the "floor" setting. One of my best friends stayed with us for for a bit while she was buying a house and I used hers and fell in love with it!! It's light weight and soo convenient! I love that I can go from carpet, to hardwood floors, to my kitchen tile with just the switch of a button! Hands down the best vacuum for the price in my opinion!

That's it for my faves!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you use any of these products?!


*I make a small commission when items are purchased through my links at not additional cost to you! <3

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