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Friday Favorites✨

Last time I did a Friday Favorites post y'all seemed to really enjoy it so I thought I'd make another one! Friday is probably my favorite day of the week. I don't have class on Fridays and I usually go shopping! haha! My hubby usually gets off work early and a lot of the time I make pizza for dinner and we stay in and cuddle with our dogs! :D Anyways! Here is a roundup of my current faves!

1. This dress from Target

It's so cute and comfy! I love the button details and the longer length. Plus I don't have a lot of yellow in my closet

because I don't think its the best color on me, but this shade I think would look good on anyone!

ALSO can we note how AMAZING this cactus is?! I'M OBSESSED WITH IT!!!! 😍 When we took this picture I was slightly worried I might step back and fall into it! HA! Would've made for a funny pic though. 😜

2. This purse from Target

Side note: My face in this picture makes me laugh! haha! I love this purse!! You can wear it 3 different ways, as a crossbody like I have it or you can take the straps off

and hold it as clutch or hold the cute wood handles!

3. Straw hat from Amazon This hat is so cute!!! It's a wardrobe staple for sure! I've shared it with y'all before but

I still love it and wear it often!

4. This Time and Tru top from Walmart YALL for reals. You need one of each color! haha! kidding!! But I did buy 2 of them!

5. This top by Time and Tru from Walmart

I want wear this shirt EVERYDAY. Not even kidding. I'm wearing this striped one in this picture. I want them to make a ton more colors so I can buy them all!!! I'm going to go get more colors because I love it so much.

It's the perfect top- it's soft, it's cute, and it covers your booty! I LOVE IT!

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