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Current Fave Walmart Shoes

Hi Friends! I hope this finds you well! It's been raining since 5 am here in FL! I'm currently cuddled up with my dogs and drinking some coffee! I thought it would be fun to share my current fave Walmart shoes! I linked several others that I think are super cute too! Some of them I actually ordered already and I'm just waiting to get them in! Keep an eye on my Instagram for when they come in! :D Just for reference, I'm normally an 8-8.5 depending on how the shoes fit.

Quick Shop↓

I wear these ALL the time! They are really comfortable and I love how they are iridescent! :D I got these in an 8.5. I think these run true to size. I linked a couple more sneaker options below!


I really like this brand on Walmart's website. Melrose makes vegan leather shoes! They are really well made! I would size in these! I linked some more options below!


These are sooo pretty!! I love these colors! I've been wearing these around the house all week. I've found that putting on tennis shoes when I'm working from home helps me be more productive! :) I got these in and 8.


I wear both of these ALL THE TIME! These have to be my most favorite Walmart shoes ever! They are cute and comfortable. I've worn both of them all day and never had any problems! I got them in an 8.5. I linked a few more of my fave snake print shoes below!


Are any of these shoes your faves too? :) I'd love to know if you have some other faves that I didn't mention.



*This post is graciously sponsored by Walmart and all opinions are my own! I make a small commission when items are purchased through my links at no additional cost to you! Thank you. <3


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