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Hallmark Christmas Movies List

I feel ashamed to admit that I'm new to the Hallmark Christmas movie game! Haha!! So shared a poll on my story last night asking for y'alls favorite Hallmark movies!! I think some of these are not Hallmark movies but they have the same feel-good vibe to them! Several of you asked for me to share the recommendations so I made this cute little graphic with all of them! I don't have cable tv, but I did subscribe to the "Hallmark Movies Now" channel on Amazon Prime. I'm not sure if most of these are on there or not. What I've been doing is just Googling the title of the movie & it will show you where you can watch the movie online!

The ones with a * mean they were recommended more than once & if they have ** they were recommended several times! :D

Do you have any faves that weren't on this list?! I'd love to know!! Leave me a comment below or message me on Instagram!! :D




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