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walmart fall fashion preview

I know it's WAY too early to be wearing fall fashion, it's been in the 90s here in Florida! And I'm all about being in the moment and enjoying the current season we are in- BUT if you've been following my page for a while, you know how fall fashion from Walmart sells out quickly!! Fall fashion has always the best-selling items on my page each year. I wanna make sure I'm staying on top of everything and sharing it ASAP to make sure ya'll can get your hands on it! I'm hoping they upped the stock a bit this year too. Remember THE chelsea boots from last year? They sold out sooo fast, and I never saw that they did a full restock of them!!! Hoping that won't be the case this year. But it seems like it might be bc they never restocked some of the best sellers from the spring line this year.

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Click on the pics or the pink hyperlinks below to shop the items!

These men's flannels are always one of the best sellers on my blog each year!!

These 2 colors are my top picks this year!

Here's a look at the brown one and how I plan to style it this fall! I'm wearing a M in the flannel, a 5 in the jeans and an 8.5 in the boots! These new jeans are my top pick of the jeans I've tried so far!

Here's the green flannel. I'm wearing a M here as well. Not a big fan of these jeans for myself. They are a little too short and don't have a lot of stretch to them but I'm wearing a 5. I sized up to a 9 in these new time and tru mules.

😍 These are good!! I can't wait to see the full lineup!

😍😍 the chelsea & western boots are my top picks!

These chelsea boots are so good!! I'm sure time and tru & no boundaries will come out with some as well but these are 10/10! They fit tts for me! I got an 8.5

These white western/cowboy boots are also 10/10!! Such a good price point for the quality. They fit tts for me, I got an 8.5. I also love that they have extra room in the calves and that the heel isn't too high. They come in 3 colors!

These time and tru mules are so good!! I sized up to a 9 in them. As a rule, I always size up at least a half size in mules. These come in 3 colors!

These new time and tru sneakers are so comfy and cute! They fit true to size for me, I got an 8.5. They also come in a brown version that I shared not too long ago! Both of them are definately the walmart sneaks of the fall season!

This denim shacket is going to sell out so fast!! I got mine in a few days ago, and it's so good!! I sized up one to a small for a more oversized look and so it will cover my booty with leggings. I've been wearing it with rompers & athleisure dresses this week and just rolling the sleeves up a bit.

Here's how I plan to style it this fall! I'm wearing a small in the denim shacket, a large in the graphic tee, a small in the faux leather leggings (these are the best selling time & tru ones from the past couple of years) I bought a new pair! I'm wearing an 8.5 in the sneakers.

This new time and tru dress is so cute!! It comes in 4 colors. It fits true to size for me. I'm wearing an xs in this dress, these western/cowboy boots are comfy & fit true to size and they have plenty of room in the calf area, I'm wearing an 8.5. They also come in 3 colors!






loafers/mary janes/dress shoes:




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